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Carmel Road #1 Chardonnay Value Wine: 50% Discount Price Too

Carmel Road Winery produces a fantastic Chardonnay with a big mouth feel, touches of oak not splintery, and just the right honey undertones that make it a fantastic taste. This wine is not for the Franco-file taste sensation as it is not flinty, mineral in nature, or austere in it’s mouth feel.

#1 Chardonnay Value to Date

Right now Safeway grocery stores in California are carrying the Carmel Road 2004 Chardonnay, regular retail price $19.95, for a 50% savings of $9.95 per bottle. If you purchase a case the bottle price plummets to $9.00 per bottle.

Locate a Store

To locate a store that carries Carmel Road wines go to http://trade.carmelroad.com/storelocator/

Contact Info

Follow the link to contact Carmel Road for more information on their products: http://www.carmelroad.com/contact.html

Remember drink responsibly–don’t spill any wine!


Randy Dunn: Cabernet “Dunn” The Right Way

Forget about it. There is no way to describe the kind of taste experience a bottle of Dunn provides to the lucky folks who have the means to afford this incredible wine. I bought the 1999 and recently enjoyed it over a great meal at Bouchon in Yountville. If you are a stickler for detail or tasting notes Napa Valley Wine Exchange has a nice quick write up.

Rogue’s take on this wine. Purchased in 2002 for $65. Opened Feb 5, 2008.

Taste: Heavy Caymus like strength, Silver Oak like fruit, with Groth like length. The best bottle of Cabernet I have ever enjoyed with apologies to the 1994 Caymus Sp Select; 1982 BV G LT; and the 1994 Shafer Special Select.

Alcohol: Very

After Effect: Full very full so do not go overboard with food or drink before enjoying this titan

Cost: If available at the restaurant, $200+

Value: If you have the cash it is worth every penny